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Cryptocurrency has grown many folds over the last couple of years. Some people made fortunes by investing in them and some missed out. Apart from investing in crypto, crypto affiliate marketing also has helped many people earn money.

Many crypto exchanges run their affiliate programs but the In this article, we will discuss about Delta Crypto Exchange and their affiliate program.

Delta Exchange – Introduction

Delta is a TradersFirst crypto derivative exchange which allows 20x leveraged trading. By trading in bitcoin futures you can make profits even when coins crash.

Delta currently supports BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM & BNB futures on their platform with a plan to add more contracts for traders. Delta exchange has a strong team and is one of the fastest growing derivative exchange.


Delta exchange has a very neat UI and is packed with some awesome features:

  • Mock Trading Platform
  • 20x leverage
  • Option to hold USDT
  • Trading Strategies – Trade 24/7 using one of their trading strategies
  • Fast APIs
  • Safe & Secure

You can algo trade on Delta by integrating their APIs. Delta exchange also plans to launch trading strategies which the users will be able to select in order to algo trade 24×7.

Delta Affiliate Program

One of the biggest differentiating factor of Delta Exchange is their referral program. Delta offers the best referral program as compared to any other crypto exchange.

The referrer gets 25% for 1 year and 10% for lifetime on all his referrals. The referred user gets 15% discount in commissions for 6 months.

Delta Affiliate Referral Program Details


Crypto is here to stay and the number of crypto traders is increasing rapidly. Cryptocurrency trading a good opportunity to make money. The future of Delta Exchange with its leveraged trading and excellent referral program looks promising.

We expect that we are going to hear a lot more about Delta Exchange in the time to come. We recommend you to check out Delta Exchange and try trading on their platform.

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