Why Weather App Still Works better than Facebook Weather Forecast Feature?

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Recently, Facebook has rolled up with a new feature that is meant to put a full weather forecast into this app. Facebook has added a new weather segment into this mobile application. This social networking application has come up with this modern feature that is meant to convince the users to stay within the social network as well as get the desired information about the weather. This weather forecast section comes with a GPS location that presents a detailed 24-hour forecast for 5 days. This segment is regarded as an extension to the old “weather greetings” that used to appear in the Facebook app around a year ago. The heading of this weather section includes doodles that keep on changing according to the weather alongside the high and low weather estimates, current temperature conditions along with one-to-three line summation of the current weather forecast.

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Apart from the easy functionality of the Facebook weather section, a lot of people still prefer to keep a weather app on their device. Although this latest update of Facebook is rolling out with various personalised notifications and options, having a weather application such as the Weather Bug is definitely more amazing than simply acknowledging the weather section on the social networking site.

Here are some of the top reasons for which people still prefer having a weather application over the weather feature of Facebook:

  • Reliability

Isn’t it more reliable to go with the information that is available on the weather application than that of the data provided by the Facebook weather feature? Although there has been a talk in the air that says this new weather segment of Facebook has been replacing numerous weather applications. However, no matter how much we would prefer Facebook, yet it is good enough only when it comes for connecting people, individuals and business clients. Of course, we can always embrace this new feature but it can never overpower the amount of reliability and faith we can avail on a weather application. Certainly, when it is about a weather application, Weather Bug seems to win the race with its accurate weather forecast. Moreover, the Doppler radar effect of this application is an extra benefit through which you can gain the information about the precipitation range in and around the area.

  • Avoid the mess on a single platform

Definitely, Facebook is one of the best social networking space when it is all about connecting people and scrolling the News Feed. When it comes to catching hold of some real-time weather information, it is always better to work with something that does the best in its segment and Weather Bug is certainly the best one to capture the web in this context. One can easily download the application from the Play Store and it is readily available for the Android users. One can never deny the fact that this new update of Facebook to present the weather forecast is doing well, but it would still be the best to work with a weather application when you need some exact weather alerts. For all those people who do not prefer making the mess on a single platform, to serve both the purposes, that is, to connect people as well as to take the weather info, they can definitely keep a weather app alongside the Facebook application.

  • For people who prefer to check their messages only on Messenger

If you are not so accustomed to open up your Facebook app all the time and prefer checking your messages from the Messenger application itself, it is better that you consider downloading a weather application in your computing device since it provides you all the information regarding the weather forecast, thereby helping you to plan your move accordingly. Although Facebook has been the most popular social networking site, the advent of Messenger application has been fruitful for numerous lazy people who prefer to hook into the app to check the messages at ease. Yet, there is no comparison to the Weather application such as Weather Bug that is known for dealing a particular segment, which is weather reports with alerts, notifications and helping you to customise the app as per your lifestyle and requirement.

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