Here Is How To Fix Printing Issue On Mac OS

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Do you encounter issues while printing on your Mac OS? Don’t panic as you can fix the problems by following some simple steps.

Provided below are some easy steps that you should follow if you want to resolve printing issues on Mac OS:

  • Make sure that your printer is firmly connected to your Mac device. Plug it into an electrical outlet, and turn it on.
  • If the printer is on the network, check whether your Mac device and the printer are still on the same network. If the network has several printers, check which printer you select—it may not be the same one you think you chose.
  • If you are using a shared printer connected to another Mac, make sure the Mac has Mac OS X v10.5. Don’t forget to turn on the sharing option.
  • If your printer is connected to your computer’s USB port, open System Information, then tick USB. If the printer’s name displays in the hardware list but the printer doesn’t work, review the printer’s documentation.

In case you still are unable to print, try the additional troubleshooting guidelines as mentioned below:

How to resume printing?

  • In order to open the printer’s queue window tap the printer’s icon in the Dock .
  • If you find any other job that is holding up the queue because of an error, select the job, then choose the small Delete Job button on the right (marked with an X).
  • If an individual print job is paused in the list, select it, and then opt for the Resume Job button on the right (marked with a curved arrow).

If you are unable to see your print job in the printer’s queue, you may have selected a different printer. Verify the queue windows for other printers, or try to print again. Make sure you pick the correct printer.

Follow the listed steps to check the print queue for other printers:

  • At first choose Apple menu.
  • Then select System Preferences.
  • Next click Printers & Scanners.
  • After that opt for a printer in the list.
  • Finally click Open Print Queue.

Here is how to check the printer:

Go to the printer and examine the following:

  • At first turn it on.
  • Make sure it displays normal status lights.
  • Ensure that it has enough paper, and the paper isn’t jammed.
  • Check whether it has sufficient ink or toner.
  • Make sure its cables are properly connected.

Add the printer again to create a new printer queue.

Once you are able to print to the newly added printer queue, remove the old one.

If you have any printing issues go through the provided tips and try to solve it. In case you have any doubt or you need more help, you are always free to contact the technicians at epson printer tech support number.

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