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Since a lot of torrent websites have been shut down in recent times, the latest list of the best torrent websites also reveals a few new websites who have made their mark in very less time. The landscape of torrent websites this year looks different from last year following the shutdown of few big websites. However, their places have been quickly filled up by a few new websites and a few of the established and old websites.

Best torrent sites complete list

Finding the best torrent websites can be a difficult task as most of the top torrent websites are blocked in various countries due to several reasons. You will require a torrent proxy in order to unblock your favorite website and it will take just about a few seconds.

The best torrent website for users is always the one that has top most high-quality torrents, has a huge collection of almost all genres and is with the most seeders. So, this list features just what the users want.

Below we have mentioned a list of the 8 most popular and top most visited torrent websites this year,

#1. The pirate bay

It is one of the best websites in the torrent world and is now hosted in the cloud. It is most commonly known by its user base as TPB. With just a few clicks on this torrent website, you will be able to access a link to just about any movie, file, program, software, book or song on the web completely free of cost. People all over the world use this website as the ultimate destination to find whatever movies, music or files they are looking for. It is definitely one of the most resilient torrent websites.

#2. Rarbg

It is a Bulgarian torrent website which is ratio less. Ratio and seed time are not tracked on this website. The only thing that is counted is the number of torrents and this is the only thing that helps in increasing your efficiency. This website is bilingual with most of the content in English and Bulgarian. The forum also has an international section. Rarbg is a huge site with over 68000 torrents indexed. This website is full of higher resolution and quality torrents. Membership is not required on this website to browse and download any number of torrents and seeding is also very easy. This torrent site is mostly for P2P enthusiasts.


This is another best torrent website to download any kind of movies, music, songs and much more. This website is an individual torrent website and is in no way affiliated to YIFY torrents or their group. All of the content found on this torrent website is legit and is of high quality. A majority of the population prefers downloading movies and music from this website as it has a huge collection and is always up-to-date.


#4. 1337x 

Another torrent website that offers verified torrent downloads. This website provides quality content of torrent sites with public trackers and strives to maintain a community atmosphere by quickly verifying all of the uploaded content. This website has made a lot of progress since it was first established and always keeps improving and growing in traffic. 1337 X is best for people who are after older or obscure torrents.

#5. Limetorrents

This is another best torrent website that users love because of the size of the database and frequency of the legitimate files. This website offers a huge collection of all of the latest content and has a huge active user base. They have launched the “iTorrents” torrent cache which is used by several other torrent search engines as well. Limetorrents provides a wide array of features that sets it apart from all of its other competitors. All the programs and other content is updated very often which results in a clean interface that is easy to access and has multiple functions.

#6. Demonoid

Demonoid torrent website is serving torrents since a long time and is one of the oldest torrent communities. Since it is a semi-private torrent tracker, this site requires membership and lately, it also requires ad blockers to be disabled. This website is a very popular bit torrent tracker and also include file sharing related discussion forums. It also has a searchable index for the tracker. The website features RSS with different feeds for every single torrent category and also their subcategories. It tracks and displays all of the user’s uploads and downloads ratios.

#7. Isohunt

Another popular torrent search engine out there. It is one of the best online torrent websites for files, indexing, and repository. Users can search, browse, upload and download torrents of various categories and content but mostly on entertainment nature. It offers a huge collection of movies, music, songs, TV series, games, anime and much more. This website has bit torrent and P2P search engine. You would also need a VPN software to keep your identity anonymous to the websites you visit. Find it here.

#8. Kickass torrents

Kickass torrents website has a huge directory for torrent files as well as magnet links that provide the facility of peer to peer file sharing by using the bit torrent protocol. This website has a gigantic kickass torrent database which is filled with a huge collection of movies, music, games, books, TV series etc. They also have a huge selection of content across all genres. Kickass torrents also have a mobile platform and are one of the first torrent distributors who has provided a smartphone app for downloading all of its content on tablets and smartphones.


So these were a few of the most popular and best torrent sites to download any number of torrents and other content. All of the torrent websites mentioned above have a huge user database and also have a huge collection of content in various genres. Get your favorite movies, music, games, programs and much more from these torrent websites and have a great time.

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