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The greatest fear of all users is running out of data or landing in a place with no internet coverage, where offline games are a saviour. Never feel left out again. Here is a list of the newest and the best offline games that are worth giving a try which can be downloaded for free from 9Apps Games

Into the dead- Lose yourself into a deep gruesome world of zombie apocalypse. A first-person arcade game will put you into the shoes of a survivor, desperately saving yourself from the undead and fight those creatures with shooting skills. Escape the landscape that teems with zombies without being touched by them. Powerful visuals and stunning sound effects are accompanied with amazing gameplay techniques. Tilt your phone to dodge and tap on the screen for weapons, and survive as long as you can.

The setting and layout will leave you completely immersed into the game.

Asphalt 8: Airborne-Airborne too is like the rest of the series. A new collection of staggering cars including the Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari FXX gives a completely new experience of driving among 40 cars. Tour through familiar locations like Venice, Iceland and Nevada desert, which has the striking differences give you really feels.

Also, Airborne has a multiplayer online mode which has world top rankings with time and it makes the game even more challenging. Lose yourself with these intense races.

Heroes and castles-Protect the castle gate as a knight from a teeming army of orcs. This third-person combat game for $1.99 promises to keep you addicted to it. Managing resources and defending castles are all that the brave knight is concerned about. Control one of three heroes of your choice, build castles and earn gold on the go, which can be used to purchase buildings and recruiting armies. Buildings range from essentials such as gold mines which increase to towers and ballistas which increase the rate of accumulating gold and target enemies so that your units become unmatchable.

It is a kind of multitasking game and always keeps you busy with building castles, managing resources or battle the army. It has a co-op mode where players can team up together with unlocking different strategies and techniques unavailable while playing single.

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Alto’s adventure- Alto’s adventure is a stunning arcade game with unmatched graphics. It is an endless runner game where you need to snowboard down the mountain, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins to buy magnet timers and wingsuits which help you fly short distances. Three achievements are required to be completed before you reach the next level. Each level brings you a completely different set of intriguing challenges needed to be completed. Download the game for 9Apps APK for free.

The main speciality of this game is its stunning smooth visuals that gets you immersed into its layout. There are changes in the time of day as well as seasons. You start in the morning into the night. Correlating obstacles will be spotted as time precedes.

Limbo- Limbo is a completely different game that haunts your senses while you are trapped as a lonely boy in a monochromatic zone. Its oppressive and suffocating atmosphere will leave you very uneasy as you try to escape death from an empty land. You near death every time and as you die, you’ll start from the very position of your death, leaving you running into nowhere.

It’s psychologically haunting. The game begins with the boy woken up into a charred dark chamber. Using his limited abilities, he needs to escape the black unwelcoming land. Every time you die, a deadly violence awaits the character. It is unending.

This game is dark, frustrating and addicting at the same time.

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