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To make an email signature look professional many of us search ways on the internet because Leaving a lasting impression is hard and doing it at the end of the email is even harder today we are going to be showing you guys how to make and use a professional email signature with guidelines so make sure you read this post until the very end.

Simplicity is the key.

Don’t waste time in making your email signature fancy by using any fancy fonts in order to make the email signature look attractive it just spoils the image you have in front of the client, try to make it as simple as possible so it looks professional

Your Name



Phone number

How does it actually look like?

Screenshot 2015-11-10 03.58.20

Now How to make this look even more professional?

Use Social media to show off your professional company

Check out the below-given image for better understanding how Mr. Loren Boyce the director of talent used his social media icons for email signature it sure makes sense to include all as the point of contact.

yesware email signature

Show off your expertise

If you have ever got an award from your company or possibly you are the best seller on Amazon for a book you wrote or anything that is worth showing off you can feature that in your Email signature as shown in the below-given picture it sure does look professional and also increases your creditability.

Screenshot 2015-11-10 02.05.32

Call to action

A call to action means the action that you want your clients to take it could be about anything, for example, you are having a seminar or an event you can give a link below your email signature. Also, check out good email signatures examples on ZippySig.

As you can see how Elise Musumano has attached the link to a free E-book

CTA email template example

Include your image

It doesn’t matter if you are from sales department or you are the CEO of the company including your own Image in the email signature boosts your creditability and clients can be assured that you are a trusted person.

We have seen many people keeping a picture of some animals or nature it doesn’t make any sense, why does the client want to see how beautiful the mountain is or how handsome that tiger is?

You will more likely remember this picture

Image result for Email Signature

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Try Free Tools to make Email Signature

Now that you know why you should use the Email Signature and why, you can make Email signature for yourself completely free from the below listed free Email Signature generator, note that please try to avoid your email in the email signature even there is an option to add your email take all the above-mentioned points into consideration.

  • Wise stamp ( https://www.wisestamp.com )

Very well-known website generated over 7 lakhs of professional email signatures.

  • Htmlsig( https://htmlsig.com ) 

A very innovative and easy way to create your own E-mail signature using very professional email signature generator Htmlsig, it has all the features you require from social media icons to call-to-action.

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